Traveling outside of the country? Don't Pack a Pest!

Our Environment

Travelers who fail to declare agricultural products in their luggage can contribute to the harm invasive species cause to our environment. 

Endangered Species under Attack

About 400 of the 958 plant and animal species (42 percent) listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act are at risk mainly because of competition or predation by exotic, invasive species.

Invasion of Invasives

About 50,000 species of plants and animals have invaded the U.S. The number is increasing annually due to international travel, human population growth, rapid movement of people and goods and increased international trade.

Alien Plant Invasion

In Florida, more than 900 species of alien plants imported as ornamental for cultivation have escaped and become established in the environment, displacing native plant species.

United States Department of Agriculture Customs and Border Patrol Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services California Department of Food & Agriculture